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JOBY: Products & Services
  • JOBY produces revolutionary camera accessories like the GorillaPod, GorillaMobile and GorillaTorch
  • If you are an iPhone photographer, they have the tools you need to take amazing photos
  • Their GorillaPod magnetic has magnetic feet that allow you to place it almost anywhere and it is flexible so you can bend it to get the perfect shot
  • If you are going camping, the GorillaTripod can be used to keep your iPhone steady so you can watch your favorite shows
JOBY: Company Background
JOBY: Customer Feedback & Reviews

JOBY customers think their tripod is a great product that replicates traditional tripods well. They only wish it could handle really heavy cameras.

“HOW BIG IS YOUR CAMERA? This is a great product, but if you buy one that's too weak to hold your camera's weight, you're going to be disappointed. The GP1 will hold up to 9.7 oz- basically your average small point-and-click digital camera only- think Elph. The GP2 will hold up to 1.75 lbs -smaller/lighter SLR cameras with short lenses only. The GP3 will hold up to 6.6 lbs and has a slightly larger camera attach point, similar to larger tripods -good for SLRs and smaller camcorders. Unless you want to spend 10-15 minutes fighting the gorilla to hold your camera without sagging (and forget about portrait/sideways shots), make sure you buy one that can support the weight! Otherwise it's tough to beat the versatility, reliability, and small size/weight of this tripod. From what I've seen of other reviews, you'll be disappointed with cheaper imitations as well.”

Ryan Rensberger

December, 2008

“I still can't believe that this thing is real! And I'm blown away by the quality of the tripod.

The 'legs' are stiff enough that it doesn't fall out of shape as it holds the camera. Each little grey ring around the ball-like pieces are rubberized to help it grip onto objects. I have been able to mount my Canon SD600 and hold one 'foot' of the tripod while it remains in the shape I bent it into. The leg didn't change shape or sag at all.

I've had it on top of my LCD, hung it from a doorway, sitting on top of a lamp... I think the legs are long enough and the feet are 'grippy' enough to mount it to the side of a bowling ball!

The clip on top lets you mount and dismount the camera quite easily and without hassle. The only problem I could see is that with the mounting clip attached to the camera I can't put the camera in the fitted Canon carrying case that I have for the SD600. Well, it fits with it on, but very snug.

I can't stress how much I love this little tripod!! Get one; you won't be disappointed!”

BT Denyer

September, 2006

JOBY: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness
  • JOBY has won several awards, including the Best Value award from PhotoPlus
  • JOBY has been featured in the press on numerous occasions:
  • The Micro tripod was covered in Wired
  • Discovery described how users could get better pictures with JOBY’s affordable equipment
  • Their equipment was also featured on Sunset, USA Today and Travel and Leisure
JOBY: Website Popularity & Google Ranking
  • JOBY has a Google page rank of five
  • They have been online since 2003
  • The site receives about 8,054 page views every day
  • The site has an Alexa world traffic ranking of 136,586
  • Each page on the site loads in about a second
  • The domain is hosted on a US based server
JOBY: Social Media Presence
  • JOBY has a blog that they use to share their favorite GorillaPod photos and more
  • They are on FaceBook, where they have 7,940 likes and receive feedback from people who have used their products and are pleased with the results
  • They have a Twitter profile with 15,592 followers and to date, they have made 1,773 tweets.
JOBY: Website Security & Safety
  • JOBY was tested with Google safe browsing
  • The site is not currently listed as suspicious and has not hosted any malicious software
  • Over the past ninety days, thirteen pages were tested on the site and none of them resulted in malicious content being downloaded and installed without user consent
JOBY: Pricing & Packages
  • JOBY’s GorillaMobile makes it easy to position your handheld devices almost anywhere. It costs $19.95.
  • The GorillaTorch Flare provides both red and white light. It costs $34.95 and has six light modes, including emergency. it’s a great way to always be prepared.
  • The GorillaPod Hybrid costs $39.95 and is ideal for compact system cameras that weigh up to a kilogram.
JOBY: Shipping Rates & Policies
  • JOBY offers free ground shipping on some orders within the United States
  • This offer does not apply to accessories
  • Shipping is done using FEDEX
  • They ship to international locations
  • International orders ship within two days and usually arrive in 14 days
  • They do not ship on public holidays 
JOBY: Payment Methods Accepted
  • JOBY recommends that customers create an account during the process of making an order
  • This is to facilitate easy tracking of their purchase
  • If you are shopping from an international location, customs duties will not be included in your total
  • The company accepts payment via popular credit cards, like Visa, Master card and JCB
  • They also accept PayPal
JOBY: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy
JOBY: Product images & screenshots
JOBY Coupons
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Get $5 Off On Any Order @ JOBY
Get 20% Off Entire Order @ JOBY
Get Free Shipping on Orders Over $49 @ JOBY